About Us

Alpha Seven Energy, based in Dallas, Texas is a boutique Energy Company that focuses on fully vetted, low risk, onshore developments in the United States, Oil and Gas Market.   We are building a portfolio of Non-Operating Oil and Gas Investments in the premier basins by partnering with experienced management teams and operators that have a proven track record of success.   We target high-quality oil and gas assets with demonstrated economic results that offer significant undeveloped upside.   Every project we select has a significant amount of geological and production data to support a sound investment and we contract directly with the current operator, to farm-out our working interest participation in each wellbore investment.

Alpha Seven EnergyManagement Team

  • Chris Hemsworth, CEO
  • Jay Bradley, President
  • Natalie Contorno, Executive Assistant
  • Tim Jones, Senior VP of Business Development
  • Tim Knox, Senior VP of Business Development
  • Dustin Miller, Senior VP of Business Development
  • Sean Phillips, Senior VP of Business Development
  • Alphanso Cooper, VP of Business Development
  • Aaron Scott, Senior VP of Investor Relations
  • Scott Wynn, IT Manager

Our Partners

Alpha Resources, LLC

Alpha Resources LLC based in Midland, Texas, is a privately held, limited liability company that specializes in upstream and midstream acquisitions, land leasing and E&P operations. Collectively, their management team has over 80 years experience in the oil and gas industry with a successful track record on acquiring mineral interests to develop in proven basins.Alpha Resources oversees the drilling and production process from commencing operations through selling of hydro carbons.They build an efficient operations process that sets up considerable upside developments of their assets which makes for an attractive acquisition prospect for larger enterprise oil and gas companies.  

In 2013, Alpha Resources, LLC and GreeheyCo entered into a joint venture operation to develop multiple in-house assets.  To date they have drilled 13 wells with significant shows in 3 different plays and invested close to $75 million “to-date” in the acquisition, geology, drilling and development of these assets.  They currently have over 132 proven locations to develop and a Pv10 of $200 million.

Alpha Resources Management Team

  • Tom Kelly
  • Brandon Davis
  • Bobby Teague
  • Vince Thortan

GreeheyCo Inc.

GreeheyCo Inc. is a privately owned, independent oil & natural gas exploration and development company based in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Sid Greehey, CEO of GreeheyCo Inc. has over 35 years of successful experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.  GreeheyCo Inc. currently owns approximately, 400,000 leased mineral interest acreage positions in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.  The company’s focus is on identifying and exploiting low cost conventional oil & gas reserves in proven basins that have multiple pay zones.   They have an extensive 2D and 3D seismic inventory to evaluate mineral interest throughout the United States Onshore Oil and Gas Markets.  In addition, GreeheyCo uses a state of the art seismic visualization package to delineate each prospect.  From which, they formulate a distinct identification or signature of producing assets to effectively design a development program that matches these characteristics and significantly mitigates risks.

GreeheyCo Management Team

  • Sid Greehey
  • Chris Ellis

Current Projects

Sabine Parish, Louisiana

The “Sabine” Project is a Saratoga Chalk development in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, with approximately 12,000 leased acres and eight proven pay zones, starting with the Saratoga and extending through the Fredericksburg, Paluxy, Glen Rose, James Lime, Cotton Valley, Bossier and Haynesville Zones.  This development is a southern extension of one of the largest developments in the United States, the Haynesville Shale.  To date, our Operating Partner has invested over $10,000,000 in the acquisition of the lease that includes “All Depths,” purchasing the complete set of re-interpolated 3D and 5D seismic squares over the entire acreage position (20 Square Miles), drilling, logging and operations for the first 5 wells that range from 2700 feet to 5000 feet.   All five wells have significant hydrocarbon shows.

Future Projects

Roosevelt County, New Mexico

The “Warnica” Project is a multi-zone development in Roosevelt County, New Mexico, with approximately 6,000 leased acres.  To date, our Operating Partner has invested approximately $11,000,000 on the acquisition of the mineral interests, a complete set of 3D seismic squares over our entire acreage position (40 Square Miles) and drilling and operations of the first test well to approximately 10,000 feet.  They are scheduled to begin development of this asset by the second quarter of 2018.

5 Reasons To Consider Investing Into Oil & Gas Wells

*Potential Inflation Hedge-

Oil and gas investments are a natural hedge against inflation. Over time as prices increase the producers pass these rising costs on to consumers. This means that your purchasing power has the potential to increase because your cash flow increases as prices rise giving you one of the best hedges ever in terms of reducing the risk of inflation on your investment portfolio.

Mitigate Risk

Hydrocarbons have the potential to reduce the overall volatility in an investment portfolio. Oil and gas as an asset class has characteristics that no other sector of investing has. This simply means that between the non-correlation of oil and gas relative to an overall portfolio coupled with the potential for monthly cash flow systematic risk can be reduced, meaning less volatility as a whole on your investment portfolio.

**Potential Tax Benefits

Direct investing in oil and gas can provide you with the opportunity to reduce your income tax liability substantially. The Intangible Drilling Cost and the Tangible Drilling Cost deduction can help make April 15th a lot more enjoyable. You may be able to deduct up to 60%-80% of your tital investment in the first year.

**Tax Favored Income

Income tax on monthly distributions may be reduced 15% by the depletion allowance available to investors using independent producers in oil and gas. Depletion is the using up of natural resources by mining, drilling, quarrying stone, or cutting timber. The depletion deduction allows an owner or operator to account for the reduction of a product’s reserves.

*Market Watch
** Deloitte

Tax preparation can be a complicated matter. Check with your CPA or other qualified tax preparers to see if you qualify.

Alpha Seven Energy LLC was formed as an entity to raise capital for Oil & Gas projects owned and operated by Alpha Gamma Onshore. Alpha Resources LLC based in Midland, Texas, is a privately held, limited liability company.


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