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Welcome To Alpha Seven Energy

We are the direct link between private investor capital and gas & oil projects

Welcome To Alpha Seven Energy

We are the direct link between private investor capital and gas & oil projects

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How To Invest Oil & Gas Projects With Alpha Seven Energy

Oil Investment Introduction

Oil and gas prospecting has vastly progressed in the last one hundred years aided by technological advances in exploration methodology and construction of the infrastructure necessary to safely and successfully produce oil. Oil and natural gas are productions go hand in hand and are leading commodities traded in global markets daily. Companies involved in the building of oil rigs are the anchor of this multi-billion dollar industry. Traditionally the massive size of oil projects and costs involved to build and complete oil rigs has always been one of the major barriers to entry for the investors. Direct substantially investments into entities that build oil rigs are as profitable in the long run as oil trading.

The Investment Business

In theory, oil projects are seemingly complex ventures to undertake and invest in due to the extensive size of the infrastructure, know-how, and capital necessary to get going. The requirements and experience for any individual wanting to know how to invest in oil are not only daunting but also come with serious risks as well. As much as finding a well and drilling it might sound simple, these natural resources have vastly been exploited since their discovery and it is rare to find new oil projects on land. Exploration and production of oil have moved to the sea, underwater exploration and production rigs are an entirely different story but as the saying goes “the higher the risk the bigger the returns.

Oil Projects From Land To Sea

With most of the land based rigs being utilized focus has shifted to the bottom of the sea as it is in abundance. Ongoing research and developments to exploration and production techniques to satisfy an oil heavy appetite of the world. Investing into oil projects when undertaken properly and intuitively will bring a massive return on an investment in the long run with minimal or no risks and losses. With the proper understanding and knowledge, one can buy into these exploration companies and hold on to them with patience they might give high dividends. With the emergence of the worldwide web, it has become easy to share information from the simplest task to the difficult one. So with initiative, one can easily learn the skills to invest wisely in oil projects.

Oil and Gas Commodities

Commodity Markets

As with most of the commodities traded in global markets worldwide, the price of oil is volatile and hence it is monitored by treaties and international law. The standout advantage is that it can never go bad and can easily be stored in bulk. Just reserves alone of oil run into millions of gallons that combined with an insatiable demand investment in oil projects will be profitable for some time to come. The world consumes millions of gallons of oil which when refines becomes a whole lot of different products that are used daily the most notable one being gasoline. Investing in the exploration and construction of oil wells in easy to consider the very fact that oil will never go out of fashion.

Movable Assets

Costs of building the infrastructure to explore and produce oil have in recent years gone down due to the fact that the equipment used has become advanced and the materials used stronger. More knowledge and education in this sector has been availed as research is ongoing on way to make rigs friendly to the environment yet still profitable. The equipment can even be moved to new sites in the event that a well is not producing enough oil. If you looking at investing in energy long term and on something with minimal risks and high returns this might be the way to go.

Multi-billion Dollar Enterprise

Oil exploration and production support is a big business and runs into billions year after year, and that puts money back into the pockets of the investor with minimal work. But you have to learn how to invest in oil projects properly. The other obvious benefits are the large government assistance schemes to assist individuals and small business to venture into these sectors which before were only for an elite few.

Global markets have opened for players in this sector as legislation has come hard on monopolies of the past. There are huge tax incentives if you venture into oil projects and all it takes is some commitment and talking to the right be who will guide through the proper channels. What it takes at times is making informed decisions and following the right approach to make sizable returns effortlessly on an investment and become a modern day oil baron. To build something from nothing is motivation enough whilst building a legacy for generations to come.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Oil Projects

Finding the right market to invest in is not always as straightforward of a venture as most people believe. This applies whether you are a newbie or you have years of experience in the financial investment industry. The trick is to find a market that suits your priorities and preferences in terms of volatility, return rates and many other factors. The oil exploration and trade market is one of those that as an investor you can never go wrong with. It is one of the oldest investment options with its stable and lucrative nature through history being a testament to the fact that investing is a great idea. Below are 5 major benefits that you have to look forward to should you decide to invest in oil.

Tax breaks

Oil investment tax breaks are by far one of the most important benefits of investing in oil. Basically, tax breaks refer to tax exemption plans offered by the US government to individuals and companies that invest in local oil projects. These tax breaks are offered as a form of incentive to local investors and it goes without saying that they make investing in local oil projects a worthwhile venture.

Tax breaks offered on oil projects are usually divided into deduction from tangible costs and deductions from intangible costs. Tangible costs cover drilling equipment whereas the intangible cover all other resources involved in the oil exploration including labor. The latter accounts for most of the costs incurred during the exploration project with tax breaks offering some form of financial relief after all the trouble suffered.

There is also an additional tax break plan offered to small companies and investors in low production rigs. This is referred to as the depletion allowance and is offered to companies that produce less than 50,000 barrels of oil per day. Basically, the investors get to enjoy 15% of all gross income tax free.

tax breaks for oil investments

High ROI

Oil as an asset is one of the most valuable in the world making its high Returns on Investment (ROI) rate yet another great benefit to look forward to as an investor. Truth be told, oil exploration and refinement is not cheap. However, the commodity is in constant demand throughout the world ensuring that the returns you get from sales more than cover your investment. The tax breaks also significantly contribute to the impressive ROI in oil projects.

Stable long-term passive income source

As earlier stated, oil and its products are constantly in demand. This is as a result of the continuous developments in technology most of which relies on these products. With long term demand being pretty much guaranteed, investment in oil projects will serve as a source of passive income for you for a very long time.

Wide Variety Of Trading And Investing Options

Many people do not realize this but the oil industry has very many investment options for investors to consider. The two most common options are the mutual funds and partnership investment agreements. In this case, you not only get to invest your capital but also take part in important decision making that will affect the overall performance of the company. More passive options include the silent investor and the lease or royalties options. The lease or royalties option applies to investors who own the land on which the exploration is being done. This option is by far the most lucrative with investors bearing no liability whatsoever.

The Market Is Less Volatile

Finally, the oil market is one of the least volatile with few if any fluctuations. As with most other hard assets including gold, oil is not commonly affected by performance in other markets or social and political atmospheres. This stability allows investors to make the most of their investment on long term bases through the high ROI without having to worry about sudden drops or losses.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that investing in oil is a great idea. The 5 benefits above are more than enough motivation guaranteeing you great returns from a very stable market. So if you were looking for somewhere to invest your money, the oil exploration and trade industry is definitely worth considering.

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Investing directly in oil and gas projects provides several unique benefits


Potential high monthly cash flow


*Potential tax benefits due to tangible and intangible drilling costs


*Income tax on monthly distributions may be reduced by the depletion allowance available to investors using independent producers in oil and gas.


Oil and gas investing has a history of creating wealth for successful investors.

*Always check with a CPA or other qualified tax preparer about your specific situation. An investment in oil and gas has high risk. Read the Investment Memorandum carefully.

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