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Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities

ALPHA SEVEN ENERGY pursues fully vetted, conventional oil & gas investments in the United States. We focus on acquiring working interest participation in well packages, and mineral and royalty interests. Our uncompromising standards for each investment in our portfolio mean that we only partner with experienced management teams and operators that can bring strong track records of success and cutting-edge technology to the table. We further mitigate risk by targeting assets that have multiple payzones and can offer steady, long-term economic gain for all of our partners.

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What We Have Learned From Our Partners

Alpha Seven Energy has partnered with private investors from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, and of course the United States. And one thing we have learned is simple. In reality, there are only a few different types of investors that would consider the opportunity to invest in an oil wells; those who are familiar with the oil and gas industry and the process of participating. This type of investor has usually lost out on multiple wells and though trial and error know what to look for in a successful oil investment or natural gas play . Then there are those who have been curious about participating in an oil and gas investment opportunity for sometime, but have been hesitant about moving forward. Either way, we strive to provide an introduction and an education to investors looking to get involved in an oil and gas investment. We understand that the more knowledge we can provide regarding how to choose the right oil and gas investment firm for a potential investors individual needs. The more comfortable our investors are when considering the best way to move forward.

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First off thank you for the welcome packet and the gifts, this is the first time I have received any token of appreciation from an investment business. As you can see from my expression the surprise and gratitude.


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