How To Invest In Oil

Your Guide For Investing in Oil Projects

Oil has great investment potentials, but also comes with its own shocks. Therefore, greater care must be taken when making any move to invest in it. Even though some countries have projected 2040 to do away with diesel and patrol car in 2040, oil usage is not going to be extinct anytime soon as it would also be in high demand. Oil will remain a greater source of energy and even its by-product is very useful in the production of lubricants and in the plastic industry. This means, even if vehicles are made to stop using oil, it will remain a great source of investment in the long term.

Types of Investments

You can invest in oil in four different ways including:

  • Exploration – This is when you buy a concession of an oil field and invest in the drilling from the start. This sometimes comes with a risk since it is speculative and there is no guarantee that the concession you bought contains oils. However, if you are lucky enough to strike oil, your investments can be recovered in ten folds. This, therefore, needs a big heart and the need for tolerance since it is a gamble. Also, you gain when oil prices are high and loses when it falls.
  • Developing – This is when you decide to buy and drill near concessions with proven reserves with the aim of reaching a blog. This is less speculative, but the fact that a blog close has oil does not mean you can reach oil on the new concession.
  • Income – With this all you do it to acquire buy or get the lease of a land with proven oil reserves. You can create a steady stream of income with that. As it is already proven oil, it becomes an income earning and it’s the safest way in investing in drilling and extracting oil.
  • Services and Support – Aside from investing directly in drilling and development, you can invest in service delivery to the oil and gas companies. Services that can be provided includes drilling and refining hardware and equipment manufacturing, investing in the pipeline, shipping and logistics, transportation, construction and rigging and refinery among several others. This excludes you from direct rick and as services as provided upon request the risk is low. Also, you are not affected whether the prices of oil fall as your pricing for service delivery would remain the same. Services and support remain one of the safest ways in investing in oil.

Ways to Invest

You can invest in oil in different ways, including investing in investing in already set up companies in the field that offer products or customer services. However, this article would focus on investing in oil rigs and other products associated with it. This is by investing in it as a commodity and with that, you can enjoy the rise in prices and prepare for any down pricing. Below are some of the ways you can invest in oil.

  • Mutual Funds or ETFs – You can choose to invest in buy shares in oil companies or mutual funds/ETFs. To is one of the safest ways in investing in oil as even though you can get exposure to the commodity, there is no direct risk in the commodity prices. This also allows you to invest in different companies to minimise your risk.
  • Buying future contract – Buying of future oil contract is one of the efficient ways in investing in oil but also very risky. This is because such contracts can end but without any profit.


Everything that is blossom comes with its own disadvantages. Your eagerness to earn oil monies should be done with caution as there are many scammers who would like to take advantage and ripe where they did not sow. Be wary of people who promise high returns upon investment. Do not make a deal on one or through email. Always stay alert and be open-minded when dealing with people when it comes to oil. Do enough consultation and employ the services of someone with in depth knowledge in the field.


Investing in oil can make you wealthy but never forget it is a volatile area of investment, hence very risky. Do not venture into oil investment if you cannot take the risk. As an investor or potential investor, know your capabilities and study the fields you are good at, so you do not do wrong investments. Also, make sure you consider all the available options and choose the right one that suits you.