First off thank you for the welcome packet and the gifts, this is the first time I have received any token of appreciation from an investment business. As you can see from my expression the surprise and gratitude.
You have asked why did I invest or what sparked my interest.  First as one who has made many investments, both favorable and others that need to be classify as learning opportunities, I have a list of items that I look for in investment opportunities.  First, is there an opportunity; second, is there a favorable risk to reward ratio; third, are the representatives professional, responsible and respectful.
This is where Alpha Seven Energy comes into play.  First the team seems to represent my third requirement of investing.  The Energy Sector has always been an area where great opportunities can be found but there is also a great deal of very shady operations.  I like the employment of the latest technologies as well as proven experienced operators.  I am intrigued by taking this science and combining that with your company’s aim to further develop existing fields and proven reserves.  I do not believe that oil and gas will ever be totally replaced and everything needs to be done to increase the resources of The United States to insure security and prosperity.
I think that Alpha Seven Energy portraits these values and will be a good steward of my investment (nest egg, as you referred to it).  I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.
Thomas L


What You Will Receive

Project Overview Containing:
Geological Support
Full Company Overview
Proposed Well Location Information
A discovery call with our Geologist




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